Scatter Tubes – here’s everything you need to know

Scatter Tubes the original scattering tubes from their creator Tributes. Beautiful, environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable cardboard ashes scattering urns

Are they Scatter Tubes or Scattering Tubes?

The original Scatter Tubes were invented in 2007 by Richard Bush of our parent company, Tributes Ltd. He designed them as attractive easy-to-use and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic ashes urns or containers. They make perfect environmentally-friendly urns for ashes scattering, ashes burial, for transportation of ashes or as keepsakes.

So the answer to this question is, they are Scatter Tubes, but scattering tubes describes what they were designed to do.

How do you fill a Scatter Tube?

Scatter Tubes were designed to be easy to use, so anyone can use them and fill them.

  • First remove the outer lid and then, by twisting gently as you pull, remove the inner white tube from the outer.
  • Turn the inner tube upside down and fill with ashes, using a wide-neck funnel if required
  • Run a line of glue around the inside of the outer tube, about 1 inch or 2.5cm from the lip.
  • Holding the inner tube steady push the outer tube back over the inner tube. The clever air vent in the base makes this easier by allowing air to escape and the glue seals the separate parts of the tube together.
  • Place the sticker provided over the air vent to prevent any leakage when you turn the tube over.
  • Replace the outer lid until you are ready to scatter the ashes.

See our leaflet and size guide for more information.

How do you scatter ashes with a Scatter Tube?

When you are scattering ashes, remove the outer lid and push through the perforations of the inner lid to release the ashes.

How long do Scatter Tubes last?

Scatter tubes are very versatile and can be kept for a long time in the right conditions. They should be kept out of sunlight to preserve the colour of the tube and in a dry place so that they are not affected by damp. In the right place, your Scatter Tube should be able to hold the ashes of your loved one for as long as you need – until you are ready to scatter them or find them a permanent urn or memorial.

Are Scatter Tubes biodegradable?

Scatter tubes are made from over 90% recycled cardboard so they are very eco-friendly. The plain colours are covered in a beautiful unsealed textured paper and these are 100% biodegradable. The printed designs are sealed with a very thin coating that means they will take longer to degrade if buried. For this reason we do not state that these are fully biodegradable although, of course, they will break down in soil over time.

Are Scatter Tubes suitable for water ashes burial?

Some retailers will tell you that they are suitable for ashes water burial but, as their inventors, we do not recommend that they are used for this purpose. They were not designed to quickly fill with water and sink, as water urns should, so they will not perform as well as a true water burial urn and this may lead to disappointment. Also, due to the thin coating on the printed designs we do not advise water burial for environmental reasons.

Buy genuine Scatter Tubes from the creators of the original scattering tubes

If you are in the US you can purchase our wide range of beautiful Scatter Tubes designs from our website with the confidence and reassurance that comes from purchasing genuine, original Scatter Tubes direct from their creators!

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